Swap your roadmap for product led growth.

A framework for founders and CEOs who want to find their product's north star and unlock its growth potential.

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Get it right, first time

I'll show you how to avoid the common and uncommon mistakes that slow startups down.

"Nick's program accelerated our product roadmap by at least six months” 

Bhavin Kotecha, co-founder, Caura

Make decisions faster

I'll show you how to organise your team so that they make the right decisions, fast. That means less time spent in dead-ends, meeting and endless planning.

"Since we worked with Nick, we're very confident making fast decisions” 

Liam Young, CEO, Harper

Retain and convert more customers

I'll show you how to use analytics and interview data to identify the features that customers really love. We'll set metrics that  focus your team on the things that really matter for your customers.

“Nick got us more metrics, more data, less anecdotal inputs” 

Ali Bahsoun, co-Founder, Medi Shout

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?



The program lasts between 4 to 8 weeks, depending on which parts you choose and how fast you want to go.



How long are the sessions?

The workshop sessions are 2 hours each. After each new topic you'll have an hour of coaching with Nick.



How much work is there on our side?

Plan on you and your team spending at least as much time on prep work and homework as you spend in sessions each week.



What happens at the end of the program?

The program includes a check-in after 1, 6 and 12 months. At the end of the program your team will have access to all of the course materials and will have created a product strategy that they feel full ownership of.

Founders I've worked with have told me... 

"We're now confident that we can turn our product vision into predictable revenue."

Laura Bailey, Chair, Qadre

Get help from an experienced founder.

Book office hours with Nick

Partner with a founder who's done it before

Nick's an experienced founder and chief product officer who helps product teams find their focus.

Between 2007 and 2020, he took his startup through three rounds of venture funding, three product pivots, one exit and onto growth.

Nick’s led product management, design, sales and marketing organisations from zero revenue through to exit.

How it works


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• Hands on workshops.


Pay as you go

Early-stage startups choose the modules they need...

  • Company Goals
  • Nailing Positioning
  • North Star Metric
  • Growth Metrics
  • Retention Metrics
  • Product Vision
  • Running Experiments

...that's less than a month's rent at WeWork...

Priced per module

We'll work together to get you a product strategy including...

No time to talk?

Drop me a message instead.

Clarity on Your Outcomes

"We now have an empowered product team, which allows leaders to spend more time on the big picture."

Frederic Choquette, COO, Rain Instant Payments

"Nick gave us experience and clarity. The program accelerated our product by at least six months."

Bhavin Kotecha, Co-Founder, Caura

Define Your Business Goals

Identify your growth metrics

Understand what motivates your customers

Find your North Star

Find your retention metrics

Prioritise your feature development

🎯 Company Goals

Structure your company goals so they focus your team.

💎 Positioning Products

Nail value props to align your team and convert your customers.

🙌 Running Experiments

Run fast, cheap tests to discover what really delights your customers.

🏔 Product Vision

Create and communicate a product vision that inspires and motivates your team, your investors and customers.

⭐️ North Star Metrics

Define the one metric that matters for your business.

📈️ Growth Metrics

Understand the 2-3 metrics that will drive your growth.

🚀️ Retention Metrics

Understand the 2-3 metrics that will drive your retention.

🎰 Prioritisation

Set your teams up to make important decisions quickly.

🚀️ Team Organisation

Organise your teams so that they're focussed, productive and scalable.

Practical workshops, expertly facilitated, showing you how to...

Nick brings 15 years experience as a founder, CPO and workshop facilitator. He brings:

• Proven frameworks for developing and implementing product-driven growth.

• Hands-on experience as a founder and facilitator.

• Energy, structure and challenge.

You bring:

• Your goals, your team, a desire to delight your customers.



How many people from my team can join?

There is no limit to the number of participants from one company.



Which of my team should be involved?

Before we start, we’ll take a fact-finding call to figure out who should join each session. The sessions are a mix of larger group workshops and smaller discussions.

CEO - always involved
Most senior product manager - always involved
Most senior engineer or architect - always involved
Most senior growth or marketing - always involved
Product managers, tech leads - always invovled
Key sales, customer success, maketing - often involved

• Weekly coaching sessions.

• Q&A with Nick over Slack and email throughout the course.

• 1 month, 3 month and 12 month checkins included.


Blueprint for growth

Series A-B startups build their product strategy...

  • Company Goals
  • Nailing Positioning
  • North Star Metric
  • Growth Metrics
  • Retention Metrics
  • Product Vision
  • Product Strategies
  • Running Experiments

...that’s 0.5% of a £3M series A


Build scalable advantage

Scale-ups get ready for sustainable growth...

  • As previous, plus
  • Building competitive advantage
  • Leveraging network effects
  • Scaling product organisations

...that’s still only 0.6% of a £3M series A

Ready to Grow Your Product?

Avoid the mistakes that slow startups down.

What we cover

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"Nick's north star metric session let our leadership team focus on the things that really matter"

Frederic Choquette, COO, Rain 

“In the past, we’ve had too many objectives - now we’re all focussed on the north star”

Liam Young, Founder, Harper

Align your team and accelerate your growth

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