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"Nick is not just a theorist, but a practitioner who has walked the walk"   

Attendee feedback, January 2021

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Join us to Supercharge Your Strategy on June 30th at 1pm BST

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Next event: 1pm-5pm BST, June 30th 2021

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Supercharge Your Strategy

  • How to find and work with North Star metrics
  • Prioritising the highest impact features
  • Making test, learn and measure a core strength of your team

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Discovery Workshops

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Next event: Summer 2021

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  • What a coaching mindset is and how to develop one
  • How to give feedback that develops your teams' self-awareness
  • How to run productive 1 on 1 meetings 
  • How to create and work with personalised training plans

Coaching for Product Leaders

For founders and product leaders who want to unlock the potential in their people.

We were hoping for clarity on our product’s value proposition and we got that in spades.” 

Brett Putter, CEO

Supercharge Your Strategy

We learned how to stress-test our proposition with value discovery and techniques for asking the right questions.” 

Kirsty Leckie-Palmer, Product Manager

The workshop expanded my knowledge significantly and has been very valuable for my startup.” 

Melissa Siah, Chief Product Officer

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Next event: July 2021

Early-bird tickets £399

  • Using the value proposition canvas to discover jobs, pains and gains
  • Measuring customer understanding
  • Developing and refinding value propositions

For founders, product managers and designers who want to truly understand their customers and build better value propositions.

Discovering Value

Coaching Workshops

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Next event: July 2021

Early-bird tickets £399

  • Defining value hypotheses
  • Case studies covering best practices for value testing
  • Full of insights and hands-on experience

For founders, product managers and designers who want to validate their ideas before they build.

Finding Fit

Watch a 45 minute introduction to value discovery