Master Your 

Value Proposition.

"Nick is not just a theorist, but a practitioner who has walked the walk"   

Attendee feedback, January 2021

Heika Fu, Product Director, Tech Nation

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Practical workshops to help you and your team get to clarity.

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Part 1: Finding Value 

  • Using jobs to be done to understand your customer
  • Defining customer segments that fit reality
  • Specifying product features that solve customers’ real problems
  • Using customer discovery techniques to validate your hypotheses
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Next event: May 2021

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Next event: May 2021

Part 2: Finding Fit 

  • How to define value hypotheses and run value tests
  • How to choose the appropriate value test for your customer segment and your product
  • How to create outcome-based objectives to track progress and align your team

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Once you've mastered your value proposition, learn how to build a winning strategy and develop your teams with coaching and deliberate training programs.

  • How to supercharge your strategy
  • How to empower your teams through coaching and training

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Attendees are saying

“Simple, structured, focussed on the important stuff.  No fluff.  Super clear communication.” 

“The workshop allowed us look at our product offerings critically and think about the customer’s perspective.” 

“Great process and tools - simple to understand a very complex issue.” 

1. Understand your customers

This workshop has a 67% NPS rating.

2. Define your solution

3. Prepare your value tests

4. Find fit

A hands-on workshop that helps you bridge the execution gap and accelerate your pace to product-market fit, hosted by a CPO with 15 years' experience.

“Nick's workshop allowed us to look at our product offerings critically.”